SB 1146 is the second time in recent years that a faction within the California legislature has proposed a law which takes Cal Grant money away from poorer minority students attending non-profit private colleges and redirects the funding to state colleges. This latest attempt would deny Cal Grants to tens of thousands of minority students who chose to attend an accredited non-profit college in California with a religious affiliation.

3 out of 4 students who would have their Cal Grant taken away by SB 1146 are poor minority students. Many of these students will no longer be able to afford college if they lose their Cal Grant, and the state schools that the politicians are pushing them into have MUCH lower graduation rates.  

SB 1146 represents politics at its worst.  It will steal the dream of college from low-income Latino and African American students—many of whom are the first in their families to go to college—and cost California taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. All so politicians can check a political box.